Saturday, 18 June 2011

its a new day,its a new life

30th May 2011 became a new chapter in my life since on this day i officially continued my study in college..
Kolej Teknologi Timur was the college that i choose because the college was near my house....after register,i was brought to my hostel which is a double storey terrace house,my first opinion about this house was not bad at all...but there were a lot of leakage as the house was not been put in a good maintanance...
Instead all the problem,i was very happy to be one of the member in the house because there i meet  a new friend wchich is came from all places such as Johor Bahru,Melaka,Selangor and many more.
About 3 weeks i have been here and things was just alright.

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