Sunday, 8 April 2012


When it comes to this word... A big variety of view from every single person.. it's so general...
I'm sure there's a lot more people can best describe this particular word..
From this stage of my life, what can i describe love from my perspective is.... ... .....
I dunno how to describe a word.. for me, love is hard to explain by word.. it's the action that showed the love, hahah, i can't believe I'm writing that.. felt the awkwardness..
but anyways, love is when u felt love to somethings or someone...i'm sure u can find out other owesome article about love.. you know best.. Love is so powerful, even it can cause death.. to have the love in your heart, you first must have the ability to hold back against the negative feedback, so that you can be strong..
so, the conclusion will be, love comes by itself, to felt the love, we have to understand every single things that occur.. it is hard to understand because love cannot be describe by word..
have a nice day people...

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