Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Largest Wind Tunnel In The World

Below is a picture of the world's largest wind tunnel of 80x120 feet (24 x27 meters). It was built in 1940 to test a large scale model aircraft owned by United States Air Force.The area around the air tunnel is guarded. From the second world war until now onlyAmericans allowed to enter the compound. For the wind to generate great fan 6 is used, each driven by the engine to 22 500 horsepower! At full power of 100megawatts, the wind speed of 190 killometre per hour can be generated. To ensure that the sound produced when air tunnel used does not interfere with nearby residents,the body building foam silencer installed the thickness between 8-12 feet. Among the military and NASA programs that have used the air tunnel is a space shuttle, the F-18, F-117 and X-15. Air tunnel is actually large enough to load a 737 aircraft.
This is why United States have a lot of new technology.

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