Tuesday, 7 February 2012


i used to play laser that i bought from mini market, long time a ago, pointing it on building, even someone windows.. this cheap laser was fun to play.. but there was an expensive laser that double the fun, although it is fun to play, it may be dangerous to play..
Now days people use laser on their daily life such as on CD, DVD even blue-ray..
On every corner of this world, every part of them, people use laser to do something, such as entrainment, army and etc.. this technology was a cool thing..
The main function of laser have been modernize to something, or i called it postmodernism .. something better, even cool .. same goes with our  skill, our ability, what we good at, it can be modernize to something, something that will make our life better, even something that will help people.. here a video explain fact of laser, i do not own this video.. just wanna share it..check it out .
so, let postmodernist people, have a nice day . 

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