Tuesday, 7 February 2012


There is only one word to describe how awesome this movie is........ originality....
that's right, it's one of a kind., the story line, the climax, the action were awesome, i don't like to talk much, if you haven't watch it, go grab some time to watch it, what do i mean by grab some time is you have to watch it two to three time.. then you will get it what is the movie all about...
sometime, one of the fact or scene was true, it happen in our life.. some of you may experience it, such as fall from a building or something and you felt the jolt, and it woke you up from the sleep, sometime even your body was little bit moving..
There were several story from my friends about their dreaming, one of them was, when he dream of been stabbed by a robbery, he woke up suddenly and he already hold his stomach, it was where the robbery stabbed him in the dream.. it was odd to hear but, it reality...it how our dream related to our mind, than it comes to an action.. 
so, my point is... let's think outside from the box.. huh.. i dunno, totally random... hahah
have a nice movie people...

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